Monthly Training Schedule   Directions

American Heart Association training manuals are available at cost prior to , during and following CPR classes. CPR masks and other suppplies are also available.

CPR for Healthcare Providers and First Aid Class

4049 Little York Rd Dayton, Ohio

Do you have staff members with difficulty doing CPR training on the floor?
We use height adaptable equipment which helps those individuals whose training would
otherwise pose considerable discomfort. Our CPR training equipment is very user friendly.

Have several people to train? Give us a call (937-898-7660). We do on-site classes scheduled at your convenience.

It's so easy to take a class. For more information or to request course schedule, contact us at (937) 898-7660 or send us an Email or Send in this Form.

Please note: Our schedule is usually very consistent. However due to scheduling conflicts, or inclement weather, a scheduled class may vary slightly. Please contact our office for exact dates and time.